Holiday in Poland

You can find almost everything in Poland: mountains, wide beaches, clean lakes, deep forests, world-class historic monuments, and friendly people. The climate is temperate, and the people are warm and hospitable. Polish cities with a thousand-year history invite their visitors to encounter culture, and Poland's villages and small towns offer the opportunity to get away from the bustle of modern life. And all this comes with a backdrop of breathtaking natural landscapes, because Poland's greatest tourist attraction is nature. It is also inconceivable that anyone could be bored with Poland, where Eastern cultural influences intertwine with elements of Western culture and interesting cultural events take place for the whole year.

If you haven't decided yet whether to come to Poland and/or what to see in Poland you should visit the following websites:

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To truly fall in love with Poland we strongly recommend you focus on just one part of Poland and get it know thoroughly instead of traveling around. Even if it is your only visit in Poland. You can still find a lot of places which are wild and untouched but you need time to feel them. We encourage you to combine your holidays with your interests such as: sports, nature, history, music, art, cooking, health, etc. To make it more interesting you can schedule your travel to attend some of interesting cultural events too.

More information about Poland you can find on the official promotional website of the Republic of Poland: